This is the project blog for the Autumn 2015 TED Research project with MA Textile Design students at CCW, UAL. The project relates to the Mistra Future Fashion (MFF2) phase 2 research around fast and slow fashion textiles.

The main focus of the project is to begin to explore the effects of the speed of cycles on design and material/process decisions. This blog will map the ideas of the group; uploading insights from the discussions and actions from the MA researchers’ perspective.

There is obviously a very different material and design approach needed for a short-life textile, designed for efficient recovery of material resources, as compared to a long-life (suitable for extended life services) textile, which needs to be designed for durability. We will begin to differentiate between these approaches.

There is today very little practice-based research in this area within the textile field, but the TED researchers think that this is where a breakthrough contribution to ‘systemic change in the fashion and textile industry’ could be found.

In order to fully understand this potential it is essential that real material samples and prototypes be made in order to allow further communication of the concept. This project will focus on group knowledge sharing, ideas generation, and communication skills.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Context – you will learn about sustainable fashion textile research and the concept of fast and slow speeds for fashion textiles and textile products

Knowledge Sharing – you will take part in knowledge sharing events like lectures, discussions and workshops

Stories – you will reflect on the concepts and information, and then write 2 personal stories – true or fictional – and upload them to the blog

Ideas – you will generate ideas about your work and the two speeds, creating visual representations/tools to express these ideas

Communication – you will record the project from your perspective in words, images and films, and learn to upload and create a project blog.

TED/MFF2 Project Team

  1. Prof Becky Earley
  2. Prof Kay Politowicz
  3. Dr Kate Goldsworthy
  4. Dr Rosie Hornbuckle
  5. Miriam Ribul
  6. Emmeline Child
  7. Katherine May
  8. Gabby Miller
  9. Josefin Landalv

MA Textile Design Research Team

  1. Amani Al-Kidwa
  2. Annie Ansell
  3. Claire Barthelemy
  4. Ginevra Bartoli
  5. Sarah Buck
  6. Diana Burton
  7. Yixi Cai
  8. Piao Cao
  9. Annalisa Chen
  10. Elena Del Signore
  11. Estelle Jeanne Marie Douchet
  12. Hyoyoul Eom
  13. Jemima Verity Fleming
  14. Marcos Gonzalez Rodriguez
  15. Amy Madeleine Green
  16. Cathryn Anneka Hall
  17. Maria Isabel Infante Krebs
  18. Yu Jin
  19. Lucille Junkere
  20. Jill Nancy Fiona Kennedy
  21. Miyu Kurihara
  22. Eunyoung Lee
  23. Tan Huh Lee
  24. Yue Leng
  25. Yichen Li
  26. Yi Long
  27. Olivia Lopez
  28. Kuniko Maeda
  29. Deborah Manson
  30. Charumathy Murali
  31. Huazhen Nie
  32. Stine Sandermann Olsen
  33. Petra Louise Palumbo
  34. Jae Young Park
  35. Hayley Emma Peek
  36. Sabina Sagadiyeva
  37. Mili-Mona Salokannel
  38. Chen Shi
  39. Mengdie Shi
  40. Kylie Christine Simpson
  41. Dantong Tang
  42. Rebecca Barbara Te Boekhorst
  43. Ayesha Saleem Thaheem
  44. Boonyanuch Wangkitchinda
  45. Laura Ann Wyers
  46. Jinlan Xie
  47. Yabai Zhan
  48. Jessica Dawn Zimmerhansl

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